Build and manage your website through a wonderfully intuitive interface that the novice can master quickly, and the master can use efficiently.
Browser-Based Operation
The Webicast Commerce Site Builder operates entirely through the internet, so you can manage your website from any computer, from anywhere in the world -- all you need is an internet connection!
E-Commere features
The Webicast Easy-Retailer Commerce Site Builder helps you develop and manage all types of eCommerce applications, regardless of their scope. Effortlessly set up product categories, shipping, taxes, accepted payment methods, exchange policies, and much more; all without typing a single line of code.






Build and manage your website through a wonderfully intuitive interface that the novice can master quickly, and the master can use efficiently.
Easy-Retailer  B-Pro  Hosting
From $69.95
per Month
From $99.95
Per Month

You can further extend your eBusiness by using the Shopping Cart in cooperation with other advanced feature-sets available in Easy-Retailer Commerce Site Builder:

  • Send eNewsletters to Shopping Cart customers
  • Restrict access to wholesale and distributor-only products and pricing
  • Populate your entire product catalog with only a few clicks

Unique features available to each individual item

  • Add an unlimited number of items to your eCommerce store
  • Define keywords for product searches
  • Assign thumbnail and full size product images
  • Specify price variations for different product-specific options
  • Create item descriptions and full detail pages
  • Require form data when item is purchased
  • Promote with related items and accessories at checkout

Popular payment methods for painless transactions

  • Choose from online and offline processing methods
  • Use any combination of payment methods you wish
  • Accept specific credit cards with offline or online processing
  • Accept customer payments through Pay Pal (no merchant account required)

PayPal, Ipayment, Linkpoint, and other popular gateways

  • Secure shopping cart orders with an SSL certificate
  • Charge shipping by item and sub-total
  • Apply state taxes based on shipping address
  • Display privacy, shipping, return/exchange, and other policies

More powerful options for profitable online catalogs

  • Organize products into multiple categories
  • Automatically decrement inventory upon purchase
  • Choose, create, or customize colors and store layout
  • Create product searches and up-selling associations
  • Remember repeat customer information automatically
  • Allow site visitors to make product comments
  • Restrict access to specified products and/or bulk pricing
Other powerful Features:

Consistent flexibility:
You can modify, delete, or update the pages you create anytime you wish.

Page-specific designs: You can use a single design template for your whole site, or assign different schemes to individual pages

Add content when you're ready: Create a page and compose its content in a single sitting, or just save it as blank and come back to it later.

Manage pages and files with a host of time-saving tools

  • Create an unlimited number of site pages, and name them anything you want to
  • Instantly change regular site pages into e-Newsletters or detail pages for Calendar events and Shopping Cart detail pages, and vise-versa
  • Upload images, documents, spreadsheets, custom code, and other files
  • Preview, download, delete, and rename site files through one easy interface.
  • Automatic organization of files lets you spend more time building your website, and less time hunting for the files you need.

Add rich, dynamic content to your site pages

  • Copy and paste text and formatting from Microsoft™ Word® documents
  • Create tables for layouts and charts with borders and background colors
  • Create multi-level lists with auto-numbering, bullet points, and indentions
  • Control alignment of text, images, tables, and other objects
  • Visually separate sections of content with horizontal dividers
  • Link text and images to pages, files, email addresses, and other websites
  • Wrap paragraphs and text around images and tables
  • Change font types, colors, sizes, and styles

Menu and Icon driven  features help you edit content onto pages

  • Hit Counters
  • Pop-Up windows
  • Online forms
  • MP3, WAV, MOV, MPG, and AVI audio and video files
  • Documents and PDF files
  • Maps and directions
  • Photo albums with links

Collect visitor feedback with online forms
Web Form Management

  • Choose from pre-installed email feedback forms
  • Upload and use custom forms
  • Email collected data to a specified address(s)
  • Enable and customize automatic email receipts for submissions
  • Specify reply-to address, subject, and content of email receipt

 Web Form Builder

  • Create online forms to collect visitor information
  • Use Forms Library functions with created forms
  • Collect data through single and multi-line text areas
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